Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work

by Sue Dumais

HLLcoverThis heartfelt book will empower you to heal the burdens of your past, embrace the truth that life’s challenges are designed to awaken your soul, and embrace a new perspective that whatever you go through you grow through.

Sue Dumais shares her courageous story of self-discovery and personal transformation. After years of searching for meaning in her life, Sue had a spiritual awakening and realized her life’s purpose. With deep clarity in knowing that she had found her calling, Sue made a conscious choice to embrace her gift as an intuitive healer. Today she inspires audiences all around the world to realize the truth that their life matters!

Filled with transformative stories, insights, and tools, Heart Led Living will inspire you to trust your intuition, lead with your heart, and discover your YES! for life!

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Intuitive Healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible, and heal the impossible.

She brings the gift of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment to her audiences. She is passionate about helping others heal the root of their dis-eases and return physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically to their natural state of harmony.

Desperately seeking answers for herself, Sue Dumais has walked to the edge of life over and over again, asking “Why am I here?” At a deep level, she believed she wasn’t good enough, even while she was constantly striving to prove her own worth. After sensing cancer deep within her own body, Sue discovered her unique healing path back to vibrant health. Her deep desire to understand human behaviour and to heal her past has led her to become a coach and embrace her intuitive gifts as a healer.

Sue’s new book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”  describes her personal journey through the darkness of anorexia, alcohol abuse, and other self-destructive behaviours. Enroute, she discovers her true gift of inspiring others to awaken their innate ability to heal and to trust their intuition as they lead with their heart and discover their “YES!” for life.

Order the ebook for only $10 and receive 10 BONUS meditation downloads (one for each chapter of the book) 


Or order your  copy today through Amazon or Barnes and Noble

What others are saying…

“The only path with any sustainable meaning is heart work. In Heart Led Living, Sue Dumais shines her unique light on this path.”
Christiane Northrup, M.D., ob/gyn physician and author of the New York Times bestsellers: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,  and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Sue Dumais will challenge you to stand in your power, get out of your comfort zone and stand up for what you believe in. Sue’s message comes from her heart. It will stop you from running and make you face the truth of who you are, and that will set you free so that you can manifest your greatness.”
Les Brown, Speaker, Speech Coach, Author

“Engaging and Enlightening. Simply Brilliant.”
Isabelle Mercier, Brand Strategist & Business Performance Catalyst, LeapZone Strategies TV Show Host, LeapTV.com

“Heart Led Living is a transformational guide where Sue Dumais demystifies living from the Ego and provides a framework so the world can now live In-Spirit. She provides powerful tools and strategies to support the reader to Heal, cultivate their Intuition and live a Heart-Led Life.”
Sukhi Muker, Award Winning Doctor, Author, Speaker, Ultra Endurance Athlete

“It has been said that: ‘Out of the abundance of the heart flow the issues of Life.’ Sue Dumais has captured the essence of that Truth, and has made it her own.  Whether or not you agree with her conclusions is not nearly as important as keeping an open ear to the things she will share that resonate with “your heart” and stirs your soul.  Heart Led Living is not just a book title, but a well- thought- out expose of a woman and her journey to the center of who she was meant to be:  a woman who now has an insatiable passion for guiding other’s to the still small voice within that must no longer be ignored.  Let those that have an ear, hear what the Heart is saying to the soul, and follow!”
Dwight Pledger, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

“So many people aspire to be their own best version of themselves; however, many find difficulty in how to achieve it authentically.  Constantly fighting between ego versus spirit, heart-led versus intentional, Sue Dumais’ Heart Led Living shows us how miracles can truly happen when our lives are led by our hearts.  This book guides us beyond our internal tug-of-war to a place where we listen to our bodies, take our intuition more seriously, so we acquire the ultimate self-care, and it shows how we should never compromise ourselves any longer.”
Belynda Lee, Speaker, Author

“I have been immersed in “Heart Led living” and practicing these principles for over a year.  Along this journey I have been incorporating them into my daily life and teaching my kids to come from a place of love not fear, which is truly an incredible gift I can give to my children.  I am empowered to continue to bring these teachings into my life and my children’s life because of the rewards we have all experienced … miracles do happen, speaking from experience.  Sue’s book is an amazing tool for me to remember as well as delve deeper in to the founding principles of “Heart Led Living”.  I love Sue’s stories and anecdotes; they resonate with me and evoke emotions, and I feel like I received a gift each time I pick up the book.”
Kimberly Shuttleworth, Health and Wellness Coach, Mompreneur

“Sue’s Dumais’ book “Heart Led Living” is how I unearthed some of my deepest fears around speaking up, shining too brightly, and doing whatever I could to just fit in to feel loved; in effect, dimming my own light and not wanting to stand out or find success to the point where someone would proclaim “‘what does she know anyway?’.”
After embracing the 10 principles in Sue’s book, it became crystal-clear why my deepest desire as a Preschool teacher is to have every child leave my classroom full of curiosity and wonder, but more importantly to know without a doubt they are capable, they matter, and their voice matters! The ‘ah-ha’ moment was discovering that the piece I most wanted to heal in the world was actually the piece I most needed to heal within myself.
By applying each of the 10 heart-led principles, especially the first “‘be willing to healing'”, you will be able to shine light on all the ways you are playing small and living your life from the sidelines. They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I believe that if this book and the 10 heart-led living principles have found their way into your awareness then there is an opportunity for an awakening and deep healing. The world needs you, so what are you waiting for? Miracles await.”

Catherine Burnett, Early Childhood Educator, Founder of Early Discoveries Pre-School and Kid’s Club, 2006 Prime Minister Award Winner


Order the ebook for only $10 and receive 10 BONUS meditation downloads (one for each chapter of the book) 


Or order your  copy today through Amazon or Barnes and Noble