About Sue ~ Owner & Founder

SueDumaisheartsmallSue Dumais is a Heart Led Living Coach, a best-selling Author, an International Speaker, and a gifted Intuitive Healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible, and do the impossible.

Sue brings the gift of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment to her audiences. She is passionate about helping others heal the root of their dis-eases and return to their natural state of harmony.

Her Heart Led Living Foundation was created to raise prosperity consciousness, empower mothers, uplift families and inspire communities in Kenya.

Sue has been trained and mentored by Les Brown, one of the top 5 speakers in the world, and she has spoken in front of audiences 10,000 strong with unshakeable confidence.

Sue has been honoured to share the stage with Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Dennis Waitely, Marianne Williamson and Les Brown. She was recognized in 2014 with the WOW Spirit Success and Soul award at the 10th Annual Women of Worth Conference in Vancouver, BC.

A true pioneer in the field of fertility, Sue developed the first Fitness Fertility Certification and an international Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course and authored A Strong Core for Life and the Yoga for Fertility Handbook.

Sue’s recent book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”  inspires others to awaken their innate ability to heal and to trust their intuition as they lead with their heart and discover their “YES!” for life.

The Birth of Heart Led Living

suelisahllphotosmallSue Dumais met Lisa Windsor while attending a coaching program in 2002. There was an immediate connection and they quickly became inseparable.

Although their paths appeared different and the form varied considerably, Sue and Lisa always seemed to be walking side by side and paralleling one another’s healing experiences. In the beginning the healing was very hard work and it took up so much time. Sue and Lisa had to talk everything out, they had to understand all aspects of the situation, and analyze everything.

Sue focused on healing her body from many health problems and used her fertility journey as the catalyst for her healing. Lisa focused her healing on the mind as she struggled with chronic anxiety that she knew was rooted in her thinking. They moved through many phases of learning and healing, sharing everything along the way with one another. They were one another’s life coaches and closest friends.

As time went on, Sue embrace her gift and developed a powerful ability to heal others through intuitive healing, energy work and yoga. Sue became a mother, an author, an inspirational speaker and a powerful channel for Spirit.

Lisa was guided to delve deeply into A Course in Miracles which is a self-study spiritual path based on forgiveness and inner peace. She had 4 children and became an ordained minister and teacher of A Course in Miracles.

All the while, Sue and Lisa walked hand in hand healing every block that arose along their paths. And there were many!!! The two were uncompromising about their desire to heal. Both of them developed increasing clarity in their intuition, they could hear the direction of the Spirit guiding them along on their heart’s path.

Shortly after Sue’s inner guidance became so clear and strong she was directed to create the Heart Led Living Community. Spirit is fully in charge and orchestrating the entire thing.

Sue was guided to write a book on “Heart Led Living” and grow this unique healing community attracting members from all around the world. It has become a heart centered family or tribe devoted to healing deeply and shining light on humanity. Sue is now mentoring lightworkers and has trained heart-led coaches and healers who are ready to be of self-fulfilled service in the world and for our community.

Sue continues to share the messages and love of Spirit and became an Ordained Minister of Pathways of Light in November 2016.  She lives in such gratitude for all that is given and she walks in trust and allows all things to unfold in perfect order. Sue recently purchased land in Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean where she will build a healing center with her husband. Allowing life to unfold and a deep willingness to play her part is an essential part of her daily practice. Sue’s only goal is alignment with Spirit and the gifts are abundant and joyful as she surrenders to the grand plan.

The Heart Led Living Community is a powerful tool for support and transformation. All things that are created by Spirit represent our eternal nature, unconditional love and the healing of our hearts. For those that feel a heartfelt “yes” to join the community, they will experience the miracles and healing necessary for their path. Every person plays an essential part in the healing of all. We come together to unite against the mass illusion of fear and we stand strong in the Truth that only Love is real!!!