About Sue ~ Owner & Founder

SueDumaisheartsmallSue Dumais is a Heart Led Living Coach, an international best-selling Author, an International Speaker, and a gifted Intuitive Healer who helps others see the invisible, feel the intangible, and heal the impossible.

Sue brings the gift of insight, awareness, and self-empowerment to her audiences. She is passionate about helping others heal the root of their dis-eases and return to their natural state of harmony.

Her Heart Led Living Foundation was created to raise prosperity consciousness, empower mothers, uplift families and inspire communities in Kenya.

Sue has been trained and mentored by Les Brown, one of the top 5 speakers in the world, and she has spoken in front of audiences 10,000 strong with unshakeable confidence.

Sue has been honoured to share the stage with Dr Christiane NorthrupDr Dennis WaitelyMarianne Williamson and Les Brown. She was recognized in 2014 with the WOW Spirit Success and Soul award at the 10th Annual Women of Worth Conference in Vancouver, BC.

A true pioneer in the field of fertility, Sue developed the first Fitness Fertility Certification and an international Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course and authored A Strong Core for Life and the Yoga for Fertility Handbook.

Sue’s recent book “Expect Miracles ~ 10 beautiful souls share stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation” and her previous book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”  inspires others to awaken their innate ability to heal and to trust their intuition as they lead with their heart and discover their “YES!” for life.

The Birth of Heart Led Living

I have always been a seeker of truth and understanding. I always felt something deep inside calling me toward something bigger, something more. For the first half of my life I was terrified of the power held within me, yet that inner light always kept me going even in my darkest times.

I experienced some intense struggles with anorexia, bulimia, alcohol and substance abuse, unworthiness, self-sabotage, and a lot of pain and suffering. It all stemmed from my inner world and the chaotic storm of fear and anxiety in my head.

One day I happened upon the book The Celestine Prophecy. It was my first experience and memory that consciously created an opening in my mind and a realization that there was more to this thing called life. The door had been opened and the light of awareness came in, my limited thinking mind was challenged in a way that I couldn’t go back to living in the darkness. I saw the light and I felt the call so deeply that I woke up and I was driven to find the meaning and purpose for my life.

Over the years I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and countless hours on self-help, personal growth, and spiritual development. I would attend a workshop and feel inspired and motivated to make changes, but within a few short days all that energy would dissolve. While I made many changes, received lots of aha moments and each one contributed in one way or another to my healing and awakening, there was still something missing. I was still seeking something I just wasn’t finding. I wanted to make specific changes but I found my efforts too slow, and some of the changes were only temporary.

Even with the hundreds of books and workshops, I still struggled. I would experience these ebbs and flows, highs and lows, and eventually my energy would start to fade. That is when my ego mind would take over with thoughts of fear, doubt, procrastination, and self-sabotage. I was taking two steps forward and one step back. It was slow progress filled with lots of pain and suffering along the way. It seemed that as soon as I was alone with my thoughts and no one around to motivate and inspire me, I would struggle to stay in alignment.

If only I could stay in that positive supportive environment 24/7.

Why couldn’t I just do what I knew I needed to do? What was holding me back? All the while I kept feeling something inside me guiding me … finally I thought … there must be an easier way.


I realized that the only thing holding me back was myself, but I couldn’t see, get underneath, or heal what the block was. I was blind to it. That is when I found my soul sister and mighty companion Lisa Windsor. Actually, we found each other. We became each other’s coach, support, compassionate witness, accountability partner, cheerleader, and symbol of unconditional love.

We called each other every day. We were in constant contact supporting each other in the depths of our breakdowns and celebrating each other in the heights of every breakthrough. We made more progress while supporting each other than we could ever have done on our own. We were a soft place to land for each other and a voice for Truth when we couldn’t hear it ourselves. We called each other on our stuff and pointed to each other’s blind spots. I had never experienced such a sustainable level of support before. How powerful it was to know she was always there to support and love me no matter what. I realized we were not meant to do this on our own. I recognized the power of loving support.


I also started to see the power of healing in community when I first started teaching “Yoga for Fertility classes” at my mind-body studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bringing people together who are facing similar challenges was so therapeutic for them. I knew from my own struggles with fertility that it can be a very isolating experience. I would see the relief on the faces of the women as they entered the class and realized they were not alone. There was comfort in knowing that there were others who understood their fears, doubts, and challenges.

In 2011, I felt like I needed to break through a thick layer of self-sabotage. I knew I was the only one in my way and I was embracing the power of healing in community, so I created and began a twelve-week program called “Get Out of Your Own Way.” I personally invited some of my clients and we began our journey together. Each week the lessons would flow through me like a gift intended for me and the participants. While I was facilitating I was integrating the lessons myself as well as helping everyone get to the root of their blocks by providing live weekly calls. It was so powerful that many participants asked if they could continue being on the weekly calls after they completed the twelve-week program. It was in that moment that the Heart Led Living community was conceived.

The weekly calls continued along with support on our private Facebook page between times. The breakthroughs were incredible and everyone, including me, was experiencing sustainable results. I would set an intention on every call to be of the highest service to the group, whether they attended the live call or tuned in to the replay.

All the while I was embracing my intuitive gift and deepening my trust and confidence in the guidance and energy that was coming through me. My intuition was getting stronger and more laser focused.

Participants were telling me how they were receiving some insight and healing from every call whether they spoke or not, whether they attended live, or listened to the replay. They loved having the personal support that prevented them from losing their footing and being able to reach out in those moments when they were being pulled down into the wormhole of fear.

My faith in healing within community grew exponentially and through my heart I gave birth to the Heart Led Living community. I was ready to deliver exactly what everyone needed to heal at the deepest possible level.

Since 2012, Heart Led Living has become a global community of compassionate hearts, healers, intuitive coaches, lightworkers, and like-hearted individuals who are dedicated to follow their intuition and fulfil their heart’s path. In 2015, I began personally mentoring and training intuitive coaches, empaths, healers and lightworkers to embrace and enhance their innate gifts. We empower each other as we empower ourselves.

As an intuitive coach and healer, I became a clear channel for love, healing energy, and soul insights. Our mission is to ignite our hearts to uplift humanity and unify us in love for each other and our planet.


If any of this speaks to your heart and resonates with your soul perhaps you are being called to join our global healing movement. If you feel a heart YES, we welcome you OM!

Heart hugs, Sue xo