I signed up for weekly coaching with Sue after being wildly inspired by who she was and what she communicated at a speaking event. She has completely inspired me to show up with ease, grace and flow in all I do. One thing I found absolutely incredible about Sue is her intuition and powerful ability to have that resonate for my deepest growth. Sue is particularly amazing at reminding me what is soul inspired and what is not, and creating the space to be spirit led. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking to be more heart led in all that they are and do in the world.

Lara Kozan Co-Founder YYoga & Nectar Juicery, Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker March 15, 2017

I met Sue in 2012 when we were both invited to speak at a Women in Business Event in Vancouver. We immediately connected and I knew in my heart that Sue and I would work together for the rest of our lives. Since the Event, Sue and I would do sessions once in a while when I felt blocks or felt out of alignment. Before a few large speaking engagements we both attended Sue would ground me before I went on stage and I was always so grateful to have her in my life. Sue invited me into her Heart Led Community when it was launched but I was so focused on building my business (as quickly as possible) that I never committed to the heart work.

When I became a mom in 2016 and what worked in the past was no longer working in my business and in my relationship, I knew that I had to work closely with Sue to get back on my heart led path. Its been a beautiful experience working weekly with Sue. She lives what she teaches, she listens to her guidance moment by moment and has made a huge impact on my life as I shift back to love and leading all areas of my life with heart. I’m living with more trust and faith then ever before and I know that this is just the beginning of our life long work together. Thank you Sue, you’re a beautiful light and hold a special place in my heart.

Anna Lozano USANA Diamond Director March 15, 2017

Mastery is what comes to mind when I think about Sue Dumais as a coach and intuitive healer. I’ve had the gift of working one on one with her for a number of years and continue to experience profound shifts on all levels. I leave every session with exactly what I “need” even if it wasn’t what I thought I “needed”. Through her masterful art I have become more confident in trusting, listening and being guided by my intuition, this has provided me with substantial growth personally and professionally. Thank you Sue.

Kate Muker Conscious Diva, Entrepreneur, Speaker March 15, 2017

Sue it is an honour to receive your vibration and to witness you in action. You are masterful, a grand invitation and gift.

Adriane Weller June 25, 2016

Sue opens your heart to spirit in a way that your mind can understand. Her graceful non-judgement spirit teaches people to trust and listen to their own heart and soul. She is extremely authentic and I am grateful to have her love and support.

Kelly Van Unen June 24, 2016

Sue Dumais will challenge you to stand in your power, get out of your comfort zone and stand up for what you believe in. Sue’s message comes from her heart. It will stop you from running and make you face the truth of who you are, and that will set you free so that you can manifest your greatness.

Les Brown, Speaker, Speech Coach, Author June 24, 2016

Helpful. Ended up calling Sue and having a session with her. Enjoyed that also. Book has a lot of information that helps to remind to be aligned with Spirit.

Jemcatt June 24, 2016

This beautifully written book is brimming with heart-stirring personal stories and profoundly helpful tools. “Heart Led Living” teaches us how to allow our hearts to guide us. It helps us connect with Spirit or Source for a fulfilling, flow-driven life. I’ve already recommended this book to several friends. “Heart Led Living” is one of the most helpful personal development books I’ve read in the past 15 years!

June 24, 2016

Many of us are taught to make decisions by carefully weighing the pros and cons of any and all challenges we may be experiencing. Essentially leading with our heads, as the myth stands that our heart will only lead us astray is so deeply engrained. Yet there is a part of us, which if we are completely honest with ourselves, that already knows and feels the answer on a deeper level if only we tuned in and owned our truth. Many of us call this our “gut feeling.”

Sue Dumais challenges you to question your beliefs and to tune into what you already know. What if we actually were to follow our hearts guidance and take daily risks and really lean into our dreams? Follow those nudges and sign posts we get in life? Since reading Sue’s book I have learned to trust like never before which makes for a more peaceful life! I have applied her 10 principals to all areas of my life including parenting, that one was a game changer for me.

Catherine June 24, 2016

Sue Dumais embodies and lives what she shares in her beautiful book, “Heart Led Living.” By creating a community of people who lead from their hearts, she is raising love, hope, confidence, and generosity on the planet. Do you want to grow your heart-led decisions and actions in the world? Then read Sue Dumais’ book.

Nina S June 24, 2016

AMAZING! Learning to tune in to my heart, listen to and most importantly follow it’s loving guidance has been a profound step that I have taken towards my own healing and happiness. It really works! Sue is a gifted healer and teacher. I highly recommend this book.

Kim G June 24, 2016

I really got several gems of wisdom from this book. Sue is so open about her path that is is very relatable. Her advice is well organized and practical for application. If you are feeling bound up by fears, regrets, anxieties, etc, read this book.

DannerGirl June 24, 2016

I just finished this book and am absolutely in LOVE. This is the type of book that you keep on your bed stand, open up to a random page and get a message straight from God. Sue Dumais is a true Earth Angel. I am completely in awe of her, her Gift and her Story. This is a MUST read. <3

Danielle H. June 24, 2016