Join me in creating a Heart-Led world.

Become a Coach

Are you looking for a fulfilling career that will make your heart sing? Do you feel a calling to be of service in the world but lack clear direction? Would you like to learn how to support others without feeling drained or depleted? Are you ready to heal deeply and discover your soul’s purpose while inspiring others to do the same? Would like a spiritual |... read more -->

Heart Led Business

Imagine a world filled with heart led individuals doing business with true integrity. Visualize a highly conscious team of like minded individuals with genuine collaboration using a business model that fosters an authentic win-win outcome for everyone. What if there was a way to build authentic abundance and vibrant health using personal growth as a business building strategy? Heart Led Business is a unique team of |... read more -->

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing For a long time I was confused about my ability to pick up on other people’s physical pain, emotional trauma and anguish. I was often bombarded by messages of pain and suffering from everyone around me including strangers. They were never directing it at me but I was sensing and feeling it in my physical body. It was difficult for me to separate |... read more -->

Intuitive Meditation Circle

Global Healing Meditation Circle “FREE Intuitive Readings with Sue” Whether you have a question about your health, a relationship, your career, wish to communicate with a loved one who passed, receive a message from your Spirit Baby or you are feeling blocked or stuck Sue can help you go from confusion to clarity. Sue is a gifted intuitive healer and clear channel for guidance and healing energy. |... read more -->


 Yoga & Soul Retreat in Turks and Caicos with Sue Dumais Are you ready to unwind your mind, expand your heart and awaken your soul? Would you like to experience deep transformation as you connect to the truth of who you really are? Are you willing to experience deep healing by facing all fears and aligning with your true purpose and passion? This powerful and intimate heart |... read more -->

Speaker Training

Heart Centered Speaker Training Would you like to learn how to speak from your heart, dissolve fear instantly and stand on stage with unshakeable confidence? Do you want to know how to use the energy in the room to create greater impact and deeper healing and transformation? Are you interested in learning how to tell your story so every audience feels engaged, inspired and empowered |... read more -->