Are you looking for a fulfilling career that will make your heart sing?

openheartDo you feel a calling to be of service in the world but lack clear direction?

Would you like to learn how to support others without feeling drained or depleted?

Are you ready to heal deeply and discover your soul’s purpose while inspiring others to do the same?

Would like a spiritual mentor who can stand by you, encourage you to face your fears and empower you to overcome all obstacles as you step into your divine light?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions then our Heart Led Living Coaching Certification Program may just be for you.

Sue Dumais is opening up this mentoring program for a select number of participants who are ready to take “Heart Led Living” to the next level. Imagine having Sue as your coach and mentor for a full year.

This 1 year certification and mentoring program will teach you:

~ a deeper giftheartperspective of the 10 Heart Led Living principles from Sue Dumais’ book

~ the higher truth about intuition, going beyond the 10 principles and other earthly perspectives

~ how to identify and enhance your unique intuitive gifts

~ how to align with your unique gifts as an intuitive coach and healer

~ how to practice discernment and develop a deeper trust in your intuitive messages for yourself and others

~ how to read, sense and understand energy for yourself and others

~ how to protect your own energy so it is sustainable and you never feel drained

~ foundational coaching and communication skills

~ the difference between a traditional coach and an intuitive coach

~ how to combine intuitive healing, energy healing and intuitive coaching that will set you apart from others and provide a deep transformation for your clients

~ how to set up your private and group session to ensure safety, trust and deep transformation

~ branding yourself as an intuitive coach and/or healer and setting up your business (there is also an opportunity to be hired as a coach in our Heart Led Living community)

Program includes:

~ weekly mentoring/teaching calls with Sue and other guest instructors and intuitive coaches

~ participate on the weekly Heart Led Living member calls and actively participate on the private Facebook page (NOTE: you must have a current Heart Led Living membership to be in the coaching program. Click here to become a member. Investment $15/month. )

~ heartwork (approx 4 hours a week of calls and self study)

~ private intuitive healing/coaching sessions with Sue or other trained Heart Led Living Intuitive Coaches as needed/as guided

~ practice sessions with other coaches in training

~ practical application within the Heart Led Living community to prepare you for a career as an Intuitive Coach and/or Healergraduate

~ private Facebook page for communication and ongoing support for all coaches in training

~ Certificate as an “ Intuitive Coach”


This program is designed for those who feel a deep calling to do their own heart work while learning to inspire others to do the same.

Your investment is $3400 or $300/month for 12 payments

Stop and take a deep breath. Bring your awareness deep into your heart and imagine yourself walking along side Sue Dumais, trained HLL coaches/healers and other participants in this program.

If you feel an expansion in your heart that is a heart YES. Follow that YES!

Space is limited to allow for individual attention. Secure your spot and fasten your seat belt. This is going to be a powerfully moving and transformational year!

Next program begins in April 2017 – FULL

Registration is now CLOSED 

Contact us and we will keep you informed about our next start date and registration.

What others are saying…

“As an opportunity to reflect on this year , the 2015 HLLC program has been a huge part of my life. Tranformational. Anchoring. Mind blowing. Expansive. I went from part time to full time with following my heart.
I knew it was a heart yes to commit the group but my ego resistance was strong – I gave birth a week before the course started, I started my maternity leave, i ended a long term relationship and started a new one so time, money, emotions, personal space were well and truly thrust into a new chapter in my life. I know, and I mean really know, that this space has been integral to my development, growth and faith this year.
I’ve needed the weekly live connection, the 1 on 1 coaching sessions, the  FB page for check-ins and requests for support. It has been an honour to be a witness to each friend’s growth, courage and journey. It’s also been an honour to get to know me, the real me. The program helped me tap into intuitive skills that I didn’t realize I have.
I have healed deeply my part in the relationship with my mum  which for the most of my life took no responsibility for. I projected rage and blame and judgement at her. I can now accept my projections. I am now aware of my fear of my own ego. My commitment to love is now stronger than my fears. I can look into the eyes of my baby girl, and know that I am as precious as she. As innocent and as purposeful.
It is with deep gratitude as I write this, that I said yes, for the connections, for the HLL tools, for the witnesses, the honesty. My ego is strong but no match for the Love of the group and Sue. There is so much more I could say. Thank you Sue, Kent, Selena, Kimberly and Rachel. I’ve loved 2015. The year ahead I feel will focus on my coaching business – it goes without saying that I will now serve my clients from Source rather than my mind.” ~ Kirsty Peckham

“When I came into the HLL Coaching Program, I felt lost, confused and anxious. Nobody could have guessed this though, as I had become very good at living in denial, ignoring my truth and putting on a happy facade.
As the year comes to an end, I can see the significant changes within me. I trust more. I trust the guidance that I get. I trust Source that I am fully taken care of. I have learned to see ego’s lies and tricks.
I have shifted from being completely afraid to being curious and excited about the blank canvas of my future. This program has held me accountable. I could no longer stay afraid in the dark. And I can no longer live a life that is not meant for me.
The anxiety that I dragged around with me for my entire life is gone. Of course sometimes anxiety still pops up, but I can quickly discern that it is showing me something to look at, or it is not mine and is swiftly released.
Finally, I have learned to become a clear channel and confidently do readings/healings for others. I can’t wait to learn more! More than ever, I am committed to my spiritual path and personal growth.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sue and my coaching program friends!” ~ Rachel Shoniker

“When I signed up for the HLL coaching program it was a total leap of faith for me. I’d just recently joined the HLL community and had had a few personal healing sessions with Sue. When the invitation was extended to be part of the program I just knew I had to act despite having no clue of what to expect. In hindsight I count that decision as one of many heart-led decisions that I have made as I’ve gone through this program. Seeing yourself as you really are and unwinding from your childhood history, stories and faulty beliefs takes real courage. I’ve had tremendous support from Sue and the other coaches as I’ve faced my ego to learn how to become a compassionate witness for myself and others.
If you’re committed to learning about who you really are – a spiritual being having a human experience then I absolutely recommend the HLL Coaching program.”
~ Kent Smith

“Originally my “Little Kimberly’s” plan was to get trained as a Heart led Coach and then to go out into the word and coach people. I wanted to walk through my stuff and heal on a deepest level…for numerous reasons. First, to be the most authentic person that I can be and second, so that I could be an effective coach to assist those in their healing. So I started out on the journey in January. At times I questioned why the heck did I really sign up for this? I am so very thankful that I surrendered my will and let spirit navigate the process and bench “little Kimberly’s” plan. I realize that the only thing I needed to do was follow the bread crumbs that spirit was giving me …to go through the program and finish with no regrets. I was to shine light on everything. When I look back on Facebook posts I laugh out loud because it was so evident that is exactly what I did. I would expose and expose and expose… leaving no stone unturned. However… as we enter the last week of the program… I have no clue if I will work with clients like I originally planned. I know I actively integrate it into my daily life with my children. And I know that the healing process that I walked through this past year has healed so much of my crap (emotional eating, judgments, projection just to name a few) because the stories around events, the energy have dissipated and the triggers are gone. Because of this healing, it has contributed to me being a healthier person, mother, sister, friend, and daughter. I am able to trust my intuition for the first time since childhood. I am able to shine my light. I am able to follow and not be attached to the outcomes. I am able to be heart led and stand in my power. I am able to come from love (vs fear) when I parent or have conversations with family members. I am able to expect miracles and witness them and celebrate them on a daily basis. I would never of gotten these gifts to the depth that I did. I needed the hands on experience of what the group coaching program brought to the table to heal at the deepest level. So with (overflowing) gratitude – thank you!”
~ Kimberly Shuttleworth