Global Healing Meditation Circle

“FREE Intuitive Readings with Sue”


Whether you have a question about your health, a relationship, your career, wish to communicate with a loved one who passed, receive a message from your Spirit Baby or you are feeling blocked or stuck Sue can help you go from confusion to clarity.

Sue is a gifted intuitive healer and clear channel for guidance and healing energy. This unique healing circle will consist of a short centering meditation followed my mini intuitive readings.

Think of the readings as laser sessions where Sue is able by-pass the ego mind to go directly to the root cause and share the message you are meant to hear.

Sue won’t tell you what you WANT to hear but she promises to tell you what you NEED to hear.  Whether you feel inspired to speak or listen, you will receive exactly what you need for your own healing.

“FREE Intuitive Readings with Sue”

Global Healing Circle

Wed June 21st at 10:00am PDT

How to participate:

1. Listen through live streaming here. If you wish to receive an email reminder sign up for our newsletter

2. By phone:
Conference ID: 521536#
Primary Number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary Number: (206) 701-8388 (these are US numbers or click here for local numbers in Canada, US, UK and many other countries)
Vancouver local number: 778-300-1942

To find a local access number in your country and/or city check the following page:

3. By Web Call from your computer:
click on the link below and then click on listen-in and you will see the option to make a web call. Note: it only works on desktop computers and you need to be in a chrome browser.

4. Listen to the replay:

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We look forward to seeing you on the next healing meditation circle as we immerse our mind, body and soul in healing energy, divine love and miracles. 

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Looking for inspiration right now? Listen to a previous meditation replay below.

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“Cleanse & Align Your 12 Chakras” replay.

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What others are saying about healing meditations with Sue Dumais

“Wow, Sue, that was brilliant – one of the best meditations – cleared so much, many insights and can feel the energy humming through my body! Much love and gratitude for your gift <3 <3 <3”

“I just relistened to the last call, there was so much treasure in there not just in the meditation but in the healings afterwards. Thank you again so much for this gift you’ve given Sue. I’m just so blessed to know you and all the women here. I’m so grateful for all of you and will keep you all in my thoughts.”

“Goosebumps galore during the replay! Seriously, I must have looked like a featherless goose. When I came to the edge of the grass field, I could sense the wondrous geography even before prompting: I proceeded to “fly” with a loving breeze tickling my smiling face… wow… Sue, I loved your guidance of the self & service.”

“This is brilliant work Sue Dumais !!!”

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