Yoga & Soul Retreat in Turks and Caicos

with Sue Dumais

Are you ready to unwind your mind, expand your heart and awaken your soul?
Would you like to experience deep transformation as you connect to the truth of who you really are?
Are you willing to experience deep healing by facing all fears and aligning with your true purpose and passion?

This powerful and intimate heart led living retreat is not for the faint of heart. It is meant for those who are ready to heal at the deepest possible level.

It is designed for those who are ready to awaken their soul, enlighten their heart and align with love.

Immerse yourself in this sacred healing environment with Sue Dumais as your healer and guide.

Your retreat includes:

  • Heart Led Living Yoga with Sue to heal deeply held energy, emotions and tension bringing you into full alignment physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically
  • hands on energy healing and body work sessions with Sue and daily coaching and support as needed throughout the retreat
  • group healing sessions, coaching and daily integration on the heart led living principles to awaken your intuitive heart and trust your intuition
  • healing meditations
  • enjoy healthy home made meals
  • learn and experience soul care and self care rituals using nature’s tropical playground
  • snorkeling and local excursions
  • shared accommodation in Sue’s ocean view pool side condo in Turks and Caicos
  • transportation to and from the airport (flights and other travel costs not included)

This is an intimate retreat with only 2 spots available per week! This will allow for individualized attention from Sue for each participant. The intimacy and connectedness of such a small group creates a powerful space for healing and alignment with your intuitive heart.

Upcoming Dates: 7 day retreats available in 2017

Nov 17th to 23rd ~ FULL

Nov 24th to 30th ~ FULL

Dec 1st to 7th ~ 2 spots available

Contact us for other date requests

Your investment: $3000 pp CAD (for one week with 2 participants)

or $5000 CAD (for a private retreat with Sue)

If you are feeling a nudge deep in your heart then take inspired action.

If the idea of spending a week with Sue as your spiritual mentor in beautiful Turks and Caicos makes your heart sing and your soul dance then contact us to secure one of the sacred spots. Dates are arranged based on availability. Contact us today and Sue will join with you on timing and other details. Keep in mind healing begins the moment you commit.



What others are saying…

“Sue Dumais you showed me on the retreat what it was like to face the fear around revisiting my experience in hospital and replaying a more loving outcome. Since releasing this body memory more than 30 years old my back has been feeling so much better! This is so significant for me since I was really getting worried about the escalating pain…now I feel so happy I am no longer in fear about my back pain! Pain be gone! Whoop whoop!”

~ Julie Salisbury, Owner of Influence Publishing and InspireABook, Writing Coach, Speaker

“The force of the wind around me signifies the strength of the healing that has taken place here in Turks and Caicos. Down to my individual cells I can feel the evolution. There was an unknown in coming and actually an unknown about what will happen. I didn’t know I’d find a or a person who could have such insight and take me safely into and through those deep deep closed door fears. Fears, experiences and thoughts that have crippled and terrorized me. I have been challenged to look at my shit, challenged 24/7. There has been no hiding, no numbing, no excuses, no blaming. My ego has been weakened. I am reminded over and over that I just need to know if it is guided. Some things have had full circle healing and expression giving way to other things. The lid gently opened so the pressure can release. Other things a seed has been planted. Planted in richer more fertile soils. This sacred space, a retreat inside, to honour me, to shed, to shine, to strengthen, to soften, to surrender my will again and again. I am embraced this experience. I feel safe, strong and courageous.”

~ Kirsty Peckham, Intuitive Coach

SueDumaisheartsmall“Our life is designed to shake us up, wake us up and light us up. When we change our environment and remove the element of familiarity and comfort we can heal deeper than we could ever begin to imagine. If you are meant to join me you will know it deep down in your heart. The courage comes in following that knowing.” ~ Sue Dumais

Note: If you are interested in having a private all inclusive retreat with Sue please contact us for more details.