Intuitive Coaching Sessions

Partner with one of our Intuitive Coaches/Healers and experience powerful shifts mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and spiritually. They are dedicated to your deepest healing and greatest awakening.

All of our Certified Intuitive Coaches & Healers have been trained by Sue Dumais and continue to receive weekly mentoring to enhance and fine tune their gifts.

As you read their stories you will find you resonate with one in particular. Follow that nudge of intuition and reach out for a session. Your heart will lead you to those that are meant to support you on your healing path.

Joanne Sissons, Intuitive Fertility Coach

From Wanting to Welcoming I want a baby. I want to be a Mum. Can you relate to these looping thoughts? For four years these negative thoughts were all I heard inside my head, they consumed every inch of me. The doctors had told me that I had just a 5 % of conceiving, and egg donation would be our best option. However, this didn’t |... read more -->

Kent Smith, Intuitive Coach & Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code™ and  Certified Body Code™ Practitioner Denial was one of my greatest coping mechanisms and survival skills as a child. It allowed me to convince myself that black was white, up was down, and left was right regarding the reality of my life. I always felt I was different from others. I was easily overwhelmed and felt a lot of separation anxiety. I |... read more -->

Kimberly Shuttleworth, Intuitive Healer & Coach

From Hell to Happiness I was free a spirited, energetic, alive, talkative, doing cartwheels every chance I got kinda kid. All that changed as I entered the public school system. It was as if I got the steam knocked out of me. This was the first time that the notion that I was “less than” crept into my mind. It was evident right away that |... read more -->

Kirsty Peckham, Intuitive Coach

A Passion to Support Born in England, I have always been drawn to study and work in roles that enhance someone’s life and community. I focus on bringing positive development to the people and world around me. My focus was originally on the world “out there.” In travelling to various places in the world, I always had the deep desire to find peace and somewhere |... read more -->

Natalie McGrorty, Intuitive Coach

Therapy Resistant Empath From as early as I can remember I have been sensitive to other people’s energy and behaviours; picking up on the subtle cues of facial expression, gesture, word and action to get a sense of another and of how they might respond to me. With my parents in particular I would track their moods and gestures to gauge how best to behave. |... read more -->

Rachel Shoniker, Intuitive Healer

In the year 2006, I had an unforgettable experience that tore down the walls of my mind and flung open the gates of my heart. Lying stretched out on a couch in a hypnotherapist’s office,  I watched with closed eyes as a tiny butterfly of radiant light fluttered towards me and determinedly dove into my fetus body. For a fleeting moment, I felt a deep |... read more -->