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Sue Dumais’ new book is now available!

This heartfelt book will empower you to heal the burdens of your past, embrace the truth that life’s challenges are designed to awaken your soul, and embrace a new perspective that whatever you go through you grow through.


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Protecting Your Precious Energy & Awaken Your Innate Ability to Heal (downloadable audio program)

Do you feel drained after being around certain people or in negative environments?

Are you sensitive to other people’s pain or emotions?

Would you like to know how to protect your precious energy so that you are no longer depleted by energy vampires?

Many individuals are often sensitive to other people’s energy as well as the energy in our environment. Learning to stay grounded, centered and clear is critical to feeling energized and vibrant.

Sue Dumais is a gifted intuitive healer who has worked with audiences as big as 10,000 strong. When Sue learned how to use her gift and hold her own light her entire life expanded. She went from dying on the inside to discover her YES for life.
If you are ready to heal and learn how to stand in your power and protect your energy while you do your heart’s work in this earth plane then this program will give you the foundation you need to walk with unshakeable confidence.

In this vibrationally infused program you will learn:
~ A deeper understanding of how to be of service in this world while protecting your precious energy
~ Simple yet powerful techniques to protect, ground, center and cleanse your energy field so you can continue to do your heart’s work without feeling depleted
~ The importance of alignment and how this will change how you approach every area of life
~ Personalized rituals you can integrate so you can thrive while nurturing others and nourishing self

As a bonus you will also receive 7 downloadable meditations to help you integrate all the tools into your life easily and effortlessly.

Meditations include:

  •     Morning Centering & Intention
  •     Grounding Your Energy
  •     Bubble of Harmony & Love
  •     Energy Awareness & Healing
  •     Chakra Cleansing & Alignment
  •     Cleansing your Energy Field
  •     Re-alignment with your Intuitive Heart

Your investment is only $50

This program is valued at more than $300 plus you will also receive access to a bonus replay of a group healing and Q & A call with Sue Dumais

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