Life Changing!

By June 24, 2016

Many of us are taught to make decisions by carefully weighing the pros and cons of any and all challenges we may be experiencing. Essentially leading with our heads, as the myth stands that our heart will only lead us astray is so deeply engrained. Yet there is a part of us, which if we are completely honest with ourselves, that already knows and feels the answer on a deeper level if only we tuned in and owned our truth. Many of us call this our “gut feeling.”

Sue Dumais challenges you to question your beliefs and to tune into what you already know. What if we actually were to follow our hearts guidance and take daily risks and really lean into our dreams? Follow those nudges and sign posts we get in life? Since reading Sue’s book I have learned to trust like never before which makes for a more peaceful life! I have applied her 10 principals to all areas of my life including parenting, that one was a game changer for me.

Catherine June 24, 2016

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