Welcome OM!

We are here to usher in deep healing and profound awakenings.

To SHIFT consciousness from Head to Heart.

To ignite hearts and unite in love for each other and our planet.

We are committed to offering unique services that uplift humanity and contribute to the healing of the whole as we each embrace and embody our heart YES!

Sue Dumais

What is a Heart YES?

Imagine if everyone suddenly woke up unable to use their thinking mind - and instead every decision came through their heart.

We would no longer be held back by our mind’s limited potential and fear-based programming. The entire world would change instantly, as we unleashed our unlimited potential.

If there were ever a time to let our hearts lead, that time is now. Our minds operate from a limited perspective and everything is filtered through our programming.

Our heart holds a wisdom that goes beyond the limitations of our mind.

Our hearts are a bridge to our Soul and a Universal perspective that serves everyone including us.

When we follow our heart YES we stand in love and every inspired action leads to our light and greatest life.

Need Help Discerning Your True Heart YES?
Use Sue's FREE Heart YES Check-in Tool

Sue is deeply passionate about helping others make decisions based on their heart not their head. Sue often joins with her clients to feel into their intuition to ensure decisions are heart led.

Sue has a very unique approach to business which is not about trying to sell more programs - it is about empowering others to hear, follow and trust their intuition. If your decision to sign up for one of our programs or offerings is not in alignment with your heart's guidance and is based on fear or your ego, Sue will encourage you not to sign up. If you are not meant to buy something, meaning it is a heart NO, Sue will tell you and encourage you not to invest unless it is an authentic heart YES.

When exploring our unique offerings we encourage you to use Sue's "Heart YES Check In Tool" to help you get out of your head and into your heart to feel your true Heart YES when making decisions. Feel free to come back to our home page anytime to use this tool.

Our Cause:

Our Heart Led Living Foundation was created to extend love and healing energy as well as emotional and financial support to empower women and girls to become light leaders.

We believe giving is receiving and receiving is giving. Invest in yourself and a donation will be made in your honour to our Kenya project and other heart warming causes.

International Best Seller
International Best Seller

What others are saying ...

The depth of the transformation and healing in this one Intuitive Healing Experience would typically require the skills of 4 to 5 different healers. Sue’s intuition and insight was exactly what I needed to hear to be able to evolve and get to the next level. I am a little lost to find the words to truly capture just how impactful this experience was for me. With deep gratitude. ~ Kimberly 

Mastery is what comes to mind when I think about Sue Dumais as a coach and intuitive healer. I continue to experience profound shifts on all levels. I leave every session with exactly what I "need" even if it wasn't what I thought I "needed". I have become more confident in trusting, listening and being guided by my intuition, this has provided me with substantial growth personally and professionally. Thank you Sue. ~ Kate Muker

Sue opens your heart to spirit in a way that your mind can understand. Her graceful non-judgement spirit teaches people to trust and listen to their own heart and soul. She is extremely authentic and I am grateful to have her love and support. ~ Kelly Van Unen

Sue Dumais will challenge you to stand in your power, get out of your comfort zone and stand up for what you believe in. Sue’s message comes from her heart. It will stop you from running and make you face the truth of who you are, and that will set you free so that you can manifest your greatness. ~ Les Brown

Sue has completely inspired me to show up with ease, grace and flow in all I do. One thing I found absolutely incredible about Sue is her intuition and powerful ability to have that resonate for my deepest growth. Sue is particularly amazing at reminding me what is soul inspired and what is not, and creating the space to be spirit led. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone looking to be more heart led in all that they are and do in the world. ~ Lara Kozan