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Do you want to know what trusting your intuition really means?

Are you ready to experience spiritual alignment and abundance in every area of your life?

Do you want to cleanse your mind, body and  soul as you heal at the deepest possible level?

Would you like to join with other like-minded individuals and gain the confidence and experience you need to lead with your heart?

Our heart led living community is created to help you look inside and trust your true self.

Receive live access to Sue Dumais as your coach and healer every week.

You will:

~ align with your sense of purpose
~ gain clarity you need to move forward
~ feel a sense of belonging

~ experience being held in a non-judgmental space

~ learn to tune in and trust your intuition

Our current membership investment is only $30 per month (this gives you access to about $600 worth of coaching each month)

Don’t think about. Don’t mull it over in your head. Feel it! You will know deep down inside if you are meant to sign up. If something about Heart Led Living resonates with you then sign up today.
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Heart-felt gratitude…

Sue opens your heart to spirit in a way that your mind can understand. Her graceful non-judgement spirit teaches people to trust and listen to their own heart and soul. She is extremely authentic and I am grateful to have her love and support.

Kelly Van Unen

Sue it is an honour to receive your vibration and to witness you in action. You are masterful, a grand invitation and gift.

Adriane Weller

I just finished this book and am absolutely in LOVE. This is the type of book that you keep on your bed stand, open up to a random page and get a message straight from God. Sue Dumais is a true Earth Angel. I am completely in awe of her, her Gift and her Story. This is a MUST read.

Danielle Hendrickson

This beautifully written book is brimming with heart-stirring personal stories and profoundly helpful tools. "Heart Led Living" teaches us how to allow our hearts to guide us. It helps us connect with Spirit or Source for a fulfilling, flow-driven life. I've already recommended this book to several friends. "Heart Led Living" is one of the most helpful personal development books I've read in the past 15 years!

Rachel Shoniker