Calling all healers, empaths and highly sensitive people. Everything you need to unlock, awaken, accelerate, evolve and expand your unique intuitive gifts

Everything YOU Need to Thrive in this World
as You Unleash Your Full Potential as a Healer, Empath or Highly Sensitive Person

Can you feel a deep calling in your heart getting stronger
but you are not clear what that calling is or how to answer it?

Do you feel like you are just scratching the surface
of the full potential of your intuitive gifts?

 Do you find yourself using healing techniques
that you don't fully understand and your mind gets in the way?

Are there strange things that you are sensing or that are happening around you that you can't make sense of?

Would you like to learn how to use your heightened sensitivities and intuitive abilities with more precision, purpose and clear intention?

Sue Dumais

I get it! This world is not an easy place to navigate especially when you are highly sensitive and feel everything and don't fit the mold of what is considered "normal".

My name is Sue. I was born a healer. For the longest time I knew I was just scratching the surface of the potential of my intuitive abilities but it wasn't easy to find the right support. Most people didn't understand why I was so sensitive and emotional and I hesitated to share what was really happening for me for fear of being judged.

I was desperately seeking answers to understand and make sense of what I was experiencing but I found it hard because I didn't know who to ask or where I could find the answers I needed.

When I did find information, there was either a lot to sift through and most resources didn't answer my questions fully or it was inaccurate, outdated or it came from a limited human perspective that didn't resonate. Most of it was not specific to my individual experience and often left me with more questions.

I wasted a lot of time, money and energy finding only tiny pieces of a puzzle leaving me with a growing riddle I still needed to solve.


What if there was a laser focused and efficient way to get all your questions answered?

What if you could ask any question and receive the exact answer you NEED in the moment you NEED it?

What if there was a mighty companion and guide who could help you make sense of what you are feeling and experiencing and why?

What if there was a classroom and Tool Box designed specifically for YOU that would provide the clarity, confidence and certainty you need?

I am here to empower you to heal all your blocks, overcome your fears and unleash your intuitive potential so you can be what you came here to be and do what you came here to do with clarity, certainty and unshakeable confidence.

I won't tell you what you want to hear, but I promise to tell you what you need to hear. 

I am committed to offering unique services that uplift humanity and contribute to the healing of the whole as we each embrace our humanness and embody our Divinity!

As you explore all the offerings available here, I invite you to follow your heart
and let it lead you to what you need when you need it. 

Here are 3 ways to work with me.

What do you NEED? How can I support you?

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