The Heart Led Living Foundation was created to extend love, healing energy as well as emotional and financial support to empower mothers, uplift families and inspire communities.

We believe that by finding and igniting the lightworkers and providing a hand up we can raise prosperity consciousness on a global scale.

  • We do not give from a place of fear, obligation or self sacrifice. Anything given from fear only expands fear.
  • Instead we extend support (financial and otherwise) from a place of love and heart led guidance. As we meet fear with love, love expands.
  • We provide a “hand up” not a “hand out” to empower women and uplift families
  • We believe in being of “self-fulfilled service” in the world as that is the only sustainable way of being of service in today’s society.
  • We ask that donations are made from a heart led intuitive place as well to ensure that love is the primary energy we extend.
  • We align with the energy of collaboration, community and creative solutions.

We are contributing to long term solutions that will create a ripple effect. We are changing OUR world together!

To learn more about our previous Kenya project keep reading…

Kibera Slums Project

When Sue firEdel and Sue in Kenyast met Edel Quinn three years ago she knew instantly this woman was following her heart’s work and fulfilling her life’s calling. Edel is a social worker who has been providing business education, entrepreneurial training and emotional  and social support to the women of the slums. Once they complete the Karaffa Business Academy they receive microloans to start their own business. It is the combination of education, mind set retraining, and financial support that provides the means to create and ensure long lasting success.

graduatesSince 2001 the Karaffa Business Academy has helped more than 150 women and their families. With Edel’s support 17 women were successful enough to move their families out of the slums breaking the cycle of poverty.

Sue traveled to Kenya to visit Edel in August 2015 and again in May 2016. She spent weeks learning all about the academy and meeting the women and children of Kibera. Sue extended love and healing energy to those in need as well as provided coaching for Edel on how to create self sustainability for the academy.

Great News! We raised $2607 in donations and provided a laptop, internet hub, digital camera, donated many hours of coaching and website/domain support to Edel and the Karaffa Business Academy.

Stay tuned for our next project!

Thank you for your time, love and energy. It takes a tribe to improve the lives of those in need and we appreciate everyone who feels called to join us as we empower Mothers, uplift families and inspire communities.

We believe giving is receiving and receiving is giving. If you would like to contribute to this cause and at the same time contribute to your own healing and awakening we invite you to join our global healing movement through our Heart Led Living community.  Every month 10% of your membership is donated to our Heart Led Living Foundation projects.

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Thank you for extending love and support. We appreciate you!

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa