Calling all healers, intuitives, empaths, light leaders, heart centered business leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries and conscious souls …


We are here to usher in a deep healing and profound awakening.

To ignite hearts and unite in love for each other and our planet.

To illuminate our path and the path for others.

This is a place to come Home and to shine bright as beacons of love from this House of Light.

You are here to contribute to the healing of the whole.


Join us to “Be the Change” ~ Heal Self ~ and Play your Part


In our Heart YES community you will be supported to:

  • identify and embody your true heart YES and deepest calling
  • gain clarity and the confidence you need to evolve and expand your life to fulfill your greatest contribution to humanity
  • feel a sense of belonging and a part of something bigger
  • experience being held in a non-judgmental sacred
  • learn to hear, tune in and trust your intuition
  • heal your body, mind and spirit at the deepest possible level removing all blocks to love
  • learn how to become a full expression of YOU as you play your part in the grand plan to awaken our planet
  • incorporate the essential elements for aligning, building and expanding a heart led business including how to combine the feminine and masculine approaches to maximize your branding impact (*Advanced Mentoring & Mastermind Level only)
  • create a mission married cause that incorporates the 5 P’s of conscious business (purpose, people, product, planet, profit) (*Advanced Mentoring & Mastermind Level only)
  • create a plan to evolve, elevate and take your business to the next level with sustainable, meaningful and profitable results (*Advanced Mentoring & Mastermind Level only)

What is a Heart YES?

If there were ever a time to let our hearts lead, that time is now. Our minds operate from a limited perspective and everything is filtered through our programming.

Our heart holds a wisdom that goes beyond the limitations of our mind.

Our hearts are a bridge to our Soul and a Universal perspective that serves everyone including us.

When we follow our heart YES we are stand in love and every inspired action leads to our light.


“This community is where I can be myself, express myself and receive miracle healing messages. The support I receive within this heart circle is like no other. Sue and this community has helped me and continues to help me to grow in mind, body and spirit.”

~ Kelly Van Unen, Intuitive Coach

Take my hand…

join your heart with ours…

let us show you the way to illuminate your unique path.

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“Sue is the clearest channel I have encountered and I trust her whole heartedly. She has a way of helping me to see all that life brings in a new light and to unwind my mind in a way that has transformed many situations in my life. Sue’s words and teachings speak deeply to me and bring a sense of calm and clarity.”

~ Natalie McGrorty, Intuitive Coach & Healer, Massage Therapist

Are you ready to experience deep healing and a profound awakening?

Are you willing to play your part in the healing of our planet? 

Join your heart with ours today and expect miracles!


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“Mastery is what comes to mind when I think about Sue Dumais as a coach and intuitive healer. Through her masterful art I have become more confident in trusting, listening and being guided by my intuition, this has provided me with substantial growth personally and professionally.”

~ Kate Muker, Conscious Diva, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Heart Led Living- FAQ’s

What is Heart Led Living?
Heart Led Living is a powerful choice to live fully from your intuition and inner guidance. It is a process by which we unwind the mind and re-train it to think with Love and not fear. In following the heart led path, your life will become aligned with your true purpose.

What is the goal of Heart Led Living?
The goal of Heart Led Living is true, authentic inner peace. Along with that comes joy, happiness, a clear purpose, unconditional love, healed relationships and a certainty that you are cared for and safe in every moment.

Why should I join the Heart Led Living Community?
Many people are tired of feeling so much fear and pain. They know there must be another way but it seems the search leads to no where. Heart Led Living is not a quick fix or a band-aid for our pain. It heals the root cause of all suffering which is the ego thought system and aligns us with the true source of love and the truth of who we are. It points you to the answer you have been seeking, the answer within you that will lead you out of fear and awaken you to the remembrance of Love. In Heart Led Living we never make decisions because we “should.” We always check in with our heart, our inner guide, and ask for an answer. We learn to trust that our heart’s answer is always for our highest good. The Heart Led Living community is a heart YES movement meant for those who feel a heartfelt “yes” to join. It is like a blanket of love and support that wraps around us while we walk our unique path of awakening.

Who can join the Heart Led Living Community?
We ask that you check in with your heart and if you receive a “yes” then follow the guidance and sign up. If you are confused or not sure, wait for clarity or reach out for support. If it is meant for you, trust that you will show up at the perfect time.

How much does it cost to be a member?
$15 per month for the core level membership and $99 per month for the expansion level membership. This is an extremely affordable way to receive access to Sue and our intuitive coaches/healers every week through the calls, replays and private Facebook page.

Can I try it for a month?
When you sign up the membership is a month by month subscription. You can experience the community for as long as you like. You can cancel at anytime.

What is included in the Heart Led Living Membership?
Each week you have the opportunity to join our gifted Intuitive Healer and Heart Led Living Coach Sue Dumais and our intuitive healers and coaches on a conference call where you can participate in receiving coaching and healing. You will also have access to our private Facebook page where we continue the support and dialogue throughout the week. The amazing part about this is that as others share their experiences we all heal together. As a group we speed up the process of undoing the fear and pain by witnessing and opening up to the healing within ourselves. Even if you are listening to the recorded calls, the healing is just as powerful. You can expect miracles!!!

What if I can’t participate on the live weekly calls?
After each weekly call, the recording of the call is available in your private member resources. Many of our members, who can not make it on the calls, listen to the recordings. Healing always happens NOW and so when you listen to the calls they are truly “live” for you.

How can I participate in the community if I am not on the calls?
Your presence is felt as a member of this community as soon as you sign up. In fact, your part is essential to the plan for the healing of all. If you can not physically make it on the calls, there is a private Facebook page you can post on that is only seen by our members. There will also be upcoming opportunities to attend in-person events such as inspirational talks, retreats and healing circles.

How do I access the calls if I am calling from outside Canada or the US?
We use a teleseminar system that includes local call in numbers from a number of different countries. You can also use Skype or an online webcall to call in and participate each week. For a list of local numbers click here

Can I listen to one of the calls before I join?
Yes you can listen to the following audio clip of one of calls where Sue is sharing insight and guidance for one member who was feeling stuck.


Listen to Sue guide you through an exercise to feel your heart YES! (this is short audio from one of the weekly member calls. Note this does not include the intuitive readings and healing journeys Sue takes each member through during the calls)


Join your heart with ours today and expect miracles!

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CLICK HERE to become an Advanced Mentoring & Mastermind Level MEMBER today ~ $99/mn


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“I feel supported especially through the weekly calls, even now that I don’t have the opportunity to participate live I still receive incredible insights and gems through listening to the recorded calls; it’s a way for me to be reminded to choose love and listen to my heart. Knowing that other people are taking steps to improve their lives by opening their hearts and listening to spirit is very uplifting, and I love that we are all part of the same movement!”

~ Lucia Cesarini, member