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  • suelisahllphotosmallDo you want to know what trusting your intuition really means?
  • Are you ready to experience spiritual alignment and abundance in every area of your life?
  • Do you want to cleanse your mind, body and  soul as you heal at the deepest possible level?
  • Would you like to join with other like-minded individuals and gain the confidence and experience you need to lead with your heart?

Our heart led living community is created to help you look inside and trust your true self.

In this community you will:

~ align with your sense of purpose
~ gain clarity you need to move forward
~ feel a sense of belonging
~ experience being held in a non-judgmental space
~ learn to tune in and trust your intuition
~ heal your body, mind and spirit
at the deepest possible level
Learn how to become a full expression of YOU so you can be a full expression of LOVE

What’s included in the Heart Led Living membership?

~ live weekly calls with Sue as your coach and healer. Most membership sites only offer resources not live support on a weekly basis.

~ live weekly dropin calls with our trained Heart Led Living Intuitive Coaches & Healers

~ exclusive access to all call recording archives for the last month

~ exclusive BONUS member products like meditation downloads, yoga classes and other recorded teachings by Sue

~ private Facebook page to interact with other members and receive support in between calls

~ participation in a global healing circle and blessings with Sue offering distance energy healing daily for our community

~ early registration for upcoming workshops, events and retreats

~ exclusive member discounts on private intuitive healing sessions with Sue

~ Give while you receive. Receive while you give. When you become a member we donate 1 Days for Girls Kit on your behalf to a young girl in Kenya to empower her to stay in school plus 10% of your membership investment is donated to support our Heart Led Living Foundation

Your Investment:

Our current membership is only $15 per month CAD (+ 5% gst for Canadian members). This gives you access to more than $800 worth of coaching each month plus bonus materials.

There is no other community offering so much value including live access to intuitive coaches and healers for such a low investment. Many people have encouraged Sue to charge more because she is offering so much value but she knows in her heart that this community is a gift and it is meant to be affordable and accessible to anyone who is inspired to join.

Choose a yearly payment of $180 CAD and you will receive a free copy of Sue Dumais’ ebook “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work” plus 10 meditation downloads.

Sample exercise from a weekly call 

Listen to Sue guide you through an exercise to feel your heart YES! (this is short audio from one of the weekly member calls. Note this does not include the intuitive readings and healing journeys Sue takes each member through during the calls)


Don’t think about. Feel into it!

You will know deep down inside if you are meant to sign up. If something about Heart Led Living resonates with you then subscribe today and receive immediate access to our last month of calls and more.

Are you ready to experience deep healing and a profound awakening?

CLICK HERE to become a MEMBER today ~ $15/month payment option


CLICK HERE to become a MEMBER today ~ $180/year payment option with free Heart Led Living ebook & 10 meditations

Join us today!
Follow your heart and expect miracles.

Love, Sue Dumais

Heart Led Living- FAQ’s

What is Heart Led Living?
Heart Led Living is a powerful choice to live fully from your intuition and inner guidance. In Heart Led Living we call our Inner Guide, Spirit. It is a process by which the mind is trained to think with Love and not fear. In following the heart led path, your life will become aligned with your true purpose.

What is the goal of Heart Led Living?
The goal of Heart Led Living is true, authentic inner peace. Along with that comes joy, happiness, a clear purpose, unconditional love, healed relationships and a certainty that you are cared for and safe in every moment.

Why should I join the Heart Led Living Community?
Many people are tired of feeling so much fear and pain. They know there must be another way but it seems the search leads to no where. Heart Led Living is not a quick fix or a band-aid for our pain. It heals the root cause of all suffering which is the ego thought system and aligns us with the True Source of Love and the Truth of Who We Are. It points you to the Answer you have been seeking, the Answer within you that will lead you out of fear and awaken you to the remembrance of Love. In Heart Led Living we never make decisions because we “should.” We always check in with Spirit and ask for an Answer. We learn to trust that Spirit’s Answer is always for our highest good. The Heart Led Living community is a heart led project meant for those who feel a heartfelt “yes” to join. It is like a blanket of love and support that wraps around us while we walk our unique path of awakening.

Who can join the Heart Led Living Community?
Spirit is in charge of all people that join the Heart Led Living Community. We ask that you check in with your heart and if you receive a “yes” then follow the Guidance and sign up. If you are confused or not sure, wait for clarity. If it is meant for you, trust that you will show up at the perfect time.

How much does it cost to be a member?
$15 per month. This is an extremely affordable way to receive access to Sue and our intuitive coaches/healers.

Can I try it for a month?
When you sign up the membership is a month by month subscription. You can experience the community for as long as you like. You can cancel at anytime.

What is included in the Heart Led Living Membership?
Each week you have the opportunity to join Intuitive Healer and Heart Led Living Coach Sue Dumais on a conference call where you can participate in receiving coaching and healing. You will also have access to our private Facebook page where we continue the support and dialogue throughout the week. The amazing part about this is that as others share their experiences we all heal together. As a group we speed up the process of undoing the fear and pain by witnessing and opening up to the healing within ourselves. Even if you are listening to the recorded calls, the healing is just as powerful. You can expect miracles!!!

What if I can’t participate on the live weekly calls?
After each weekly call, every member of the community is emailed a recording of the call. Many of our members, who can not make it on the calls, listen to the recordings. Healing always happens NOW and so when you listen to the calls they are truly “live” for you.

How can I participate in the community if I am not on the calls?
Your presence is felt as a member of this community as soon as you sign up. In fact, your part is essential to Spirit’s plan for the healing of all. If you can not physically make it on the calls, there is a private Facebook page you can post on that is only seen by our members. There will also be upcoming opportunities to attend in-person events such as inspirational talks, retreats and authentic speaking circles.

How do I access the calls if I am calling from outside Canada or the US?
We use a teleseminar system that includes local call in numbers from a number of different countries. You can also use Skype to call in and participate each week. For a list of local numbers click here

Can I listen to one of the calls before I join?
Yes you can listen to the following audio clip of one of calls where Sue is sharing insight and guidance for one member who was feeling stuck.


Invest in your healing, become a member today and expect miracles!

CLICK HERE to become a MEMBER today ~ $15/month payment option CLICK HERE to become a MEMBER today ~ $180/year payment option with free Heart Led Living ebook & 10 meditations