Spiraling Self Awareness and Trust the Mystery

By January 20, 2017News

My editor, Nina Shoroplova, is on a Virtual Ebook Tour the last three weeks of January to spread the word of her two upcoming ebook publications: Spiraling Self-Awareness: Personal Mission Revealed in 27 Days through Pythagorean Numerology’s Partnership with the 9-Chakra System and Trust the Mystery: Raising Self-Awareness through Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom (2nd edition). The two ebooks go on sale on January 25 through Kindle.

Her term Quantum Wisdom names a gift we all have, one that she explores time and again in her book. In the following excerpt from the ebook of Trust the Mystery, she’s describing how triggers work to activate our intuition, our deepest knowing that comes from the place of potential that is quantum wisdom. She asks questions afterward that are very provocative.

“Many years ago, I watched Vancouver Playhouse’s production of Arthur Miller’s play about the ‘witches’ of Salem, The Crucible. For me, the story was incredibly painful, repulsive, and way too familiar. My emotions were so deep that I came away feeling certain—knowing through quantum wisdom—that one of my past lives was as a woman perceived as a witch and killed for my abilities to heal.

“Have you ever watched and heard a story that felt so personal you knew they were telling your story? What do we do with that knowing? What did you do with that knowing?

“If watching and hearing something opens a portal up in your psyche, explore that wormhole and see where it leads. Perhaps you too will be able to heal a past-life pain and progress in this life. Perhaps you have already done so. What can you watch next that might trigger you?”

Join Nina Shoroplova on her Virtual Ebook Tour between January 9 and 27, and travel with her to her hosting venues. You can find her ebooks on Kindle today.

Nina is a miracle worker when it comes to editing books. Not only does she work her magic with words but Nina also has a gift of seeing the big picture. She has a deep intuitive understanding of what she can do to support the book to grow wings.

My book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work” would not be the book it is today without her feedback and beautiful guidance. I look forward to having Nina edit my next book when it decides to take fruition. If you are ever looking for an editor visit http://ninashoroplova.ca/

Heart hugs,

Sue xo

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