What can we do in times like these?

By September 13, 2017article, News

Often when I wake in the middle of the night I am inspired to write, practice yoga, meditate, send healing energy. It is 1:30 am and I woke up just feeling so sad.

As I turn my awareness and shine light on it the tears stream down my face. I feel the collective grief, loss, confusion, uncertainty, fear, devastation, anger, resentment, pain and suffering.

As I shift my focus to love, I am also moved to tears as I attune to all the compassion, kindness, support, service, comm-Unity, prayers and such deep LOVE rising rising rising from all the cluster of events happening all around the world.

I wish we didn’t need such a massive wake up call to unify in love for each other and our planet but that is what is in front of us.
What will you do at this time?
What will you choose? Love or fear? To unite or fight?

We can’t make others see the Truth. We can’t force others to change their ways.

BUT when we remember that LOVE is a powerful force for change we can make a conscious choice to “Be the change we wish to see in the world”.

We can wake up ourselves as we inspire others to do the same, we can unite in LOVE and speak our Truth.

We can stand together, extend a hand, be willing to play our part, we can be of service and give from the overflow of our heart, we can have compassion, we CAN change the world and we WILL change the world…one heart at a time…one gesture at a time…one moment at a time….when we unify our love for each other and our planet it becomes a force so great that it can be felt by everyone, everywhere, in every cell of our being and in every corner of our beautiful planet.

There is a massive call for LOVE, right here, right now.

Will you answer the call? YES I will.

Are you willing to play your part? YES I am.

Thank you for listening. May these words inspire you to be a powerful force for change.

I appreciate you! I love you! I see YOU! I believe in YOU!

Heart hugs and love,
Sue xoxo

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