What does the Expect Miracles book, a rescue puppy and hurricane recover in Turks and Caicos have in common?

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What does the “Expect Miracles” book, a stray puppy and hurricane recovery in Turks and Caicos have in common?

Miracles of course! Miracles happen all the time and every one of them is meant to be celebrated. Sometimes they come in the form of great news. These are easily recognized but still not always celebrated.

Other times miracles come out of challenging life circumstances like natural disasters. These can be even more difficult to identify and celebrate but when we do it leads to even more miracles and gives us a sense of peace when we can find meaning through life’s challenges.

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I arrived in Turks and Caicos with my family on Nov 1st. As I was looking down from the airplane I knew the landscape had been changed by hurricanes Irma and Maria. Little did I know how my life was about to change and my heart was about to expand.

I listened intently to the cab driver talk about the hurricanes as we made our way through downtown toward our condo. There were roofs completely gone, many with significant damage and some buildings that were destroyed altogether. Many of the locals lost everything and some of the island was still without power.

As an empath and intuitive healer I could feel the grief, the trauma and the heaviness that the impact of the storms created.

At the same time I could feel the love that expanded in their hearts, the gratitude and appreciation for life and the growing sense of community as everyone pulled together to rebuild these beautiful islands.

I would have moments of overwhelm mixed with moments of expanding love. I found it challenging to navigate but I was willing to show up and play my part.

We donated some furniture and a mattress to those in need. I listened to others tell their stories and the terror they felt as they hid in shelters, in homes huddled in their bathroom or closet, wherever they could find safety, while the fierce winds of hurricane Irma wrecked havoc on everything it touched.

All the while I have was here with my two kids and my husband holding it together as we deal with the damages to our vehicle and condo. I made time to share with my family some of the beautiful beaches, snorkeling and enjoying this sacred place.

With rain still dripping from our ceiling, waiting for roof repairs, I can’t help but think of all of those who no longer have roofs over their heads and those who have no means to rebuild.

There are two ways I can approach all of this. One is to shift into helplessness, overwhelm and feel pressure to try and help everyone. The other is to be willing to show up and play my part, however small or big that part may be.

When I let me heart lead me, I shift from the fear and overwhelm and into love and inspired action.

On one of our adventures my family and I went to visit the Potcake K9 Rescue and we feel in love with one of the puppies that was rescued just before the hurricanes. The litter was quite sick and they were fostered by a beautiful family.

For two days I couldn’t stop thinking about one of the puppies. We went back in for a visit and it turns out he became available for adoption that very day. We took him out for a walk and we all knew, including him, that he was part of our family.

My heart expanded when we heard the news our application to adopt was approved. My husband, kids and our new rescue puppy “T.C.” flew home yesterday to Canada. He was my miracle after the storm.



This beautiful non profit organization took in many stray puppies before and after the hurricanes and they arrange about 700 puppy adoptions per year. They have reduced the number of stray dogs on the island of Provo from around 60,000 to about 17,000. What a miracle!

I was inspired to make a donation through my Heart Led Living Foundation to support the Potcake K9 Rescue organization. It felt so right. My heart expands when I am willing to play my part and I trust my heart to lead me.

Which brings us to today. My new collaborative book “Expect Miracles ~ 10 beautiful souls sharing stories of Hope, Inspiration & Transformation” launches today.

I am honoured to share the pages of this book with 9 of my Heart Led Living community members. They bravely share vulnerable stories from their life with the intention of inspiring and empowering others to heal.

It has been an honour and a privilege to join my heart with theirs to give birth to this beautiful book! 

Remember 100% of the royalties are going to our Heart Led Living Foundation’s Kenya project to empower young girls to stay in school during their menstrual cycle.  

The money raised will be used to purchase Days for Girls kits. Each menstrual kit is handmade by women in the Kibera slums and gifted to the girls. The kits include reusable menstrual pads that last for 3 years. This allows them to attend school all month long.

I just donated another 50 kits today to jump start our book launch. That brings us to 150 kits so far and we would love to sponsor more girls before the end of the year.

Buy your copy today at a discounted price and we will make a donation on your behalf to our Kenya project. You receive a book full of miracles and extend a miracle at the same time.

This book is not about profit, it is about impact. I have invested a lot of my time, money and energy because I believe in the power of love and I believe when we unite in love, we can heal our planet and uplift humanity.

We would love your support in reaching best seller status as this ensures our book grows wings and is seen by more people all around the globe. Whether you are inspired to buy a book on launch day or you share the event with others…every little bit of love and support helps spread the word.

Join us for our virtual book launch today Thursday Nov 16th.

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I have learned to live my life expecting miracles and I make a conscious choice to celebrate each one, the big ones and the small ones, because every miracle is worth celebrating.

I choose to hold a perspective and see life’s challenges through the lens of love. I know in every moment I have a choice. I can focus on the devastation or I can be open to see the evidence of community and love expanding, I can be willing to play my part and choose to celebrate the miracles that occur when I do.

I can also be open to witness the ripple effect that occurs when we focus on the truth that life is full of opportunities to heal our minds, expand our hearts in love and create impact that will be felt by everyone around us.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I am honoured to walk this path with you.

Heart hugs,
Sue xo

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