How Do We Meet Fear With LOVE During Chaotic Times?

By November 10, 2016article, meditation

I know many people are feeling the intensity and witnessing the evidence of chaos all around us. In light of all that is occurring in our world I felt a strong nudge to share some insight on fear and how we can meet the fear with LOVE.

First I need you to know this is not about taking sides or judging anyone. This is not a message where I will share my personal opinions about any events because to add anything personal would only feed the idea and fear of separation. Instead I stand in LOVE and share a perspective of neutrality to extend a message that can support everyone no matter what we stand for.

In Heart Led Living I teach about two teachers, ego or Spirit. Our ego teaches us about fear and Spirit is the teacher of love. At this time there is a deep and intense layer of fear rising. Now we can judge it as bad, painful, scary, the end of the world or we can look at it as darkness rising to be brought into the light for healing. It is coming into the light for healing, this is the good news. As long as it remains hidden it cannot be healed.

Now our heartwork as healers, lightworkers and beings of love is to meet this rising fear with LOVE. We need to remember when fear meets fear, fear expands. When love meets fear, LOVE expands. Everyone who is matching the hate with more hate is only fueling the energy of hate and expanding the fear as it rises up. As long as we are contributing to fear it will not be healed. It is actually feeding fear and encouraging it to grow even more.

That doesn’t mean we sit back on our spiritual practice, lock ourselves in our room, read our books and listen to our meditations as we turn away from the fear rising. NO that is not what is being asked of us. We are being called to hold the high note.

We are being called to stand up for LOVE.

There are two ways to do that.

We can stand in defense of LOVE and fight for what we believe is right, which is simply fear disguised as LOVE.

Or we choose to stand strong in the light of LOVE and see that fear is simply a call for LOVE. We can witness the darkness as simply a call for more light. We can hold faith that if we are willing to play our part while staying in alignment with LOVE, anything can be healed.

EVERYONE right now is calling for LOVE.

Yes even those who are acting out with hate, fear, violence and separation. They are defending their fears with all their might. Imagine how much suffering and pain comes from defending fear. It is extremely painful and a difficult path to maintain. They are simply calling for LOVE.

Will we deny them their call for healing or will we meet them with LOVE?

Underneath all fear is a heart that yearns for love. Beneath all the fear based behaviours there is an inner child who is hurt, scared and bruised that only wants to be loved, seen and accepted.

So how do we meet fear with LOVE in these chaotic times?

Here are some steps that can support you in each moment as you commit to making a conscious choice for love over and over again. 

Step 1: Be willing to see fear as a call for love.

Step 2: Surrender all your judgments along with the beliefs you are defending over to Spirit for  healing. In your defenselessness you are free to follow Spirit’s guidance.

Step 3: Accept that you do not know what all this is for and you have no clue how to heal it. From our limited human perspective we can easily get caught up in the drama and trauma. From our soul’s perspective there is a great awakening happening.

Step 4: Surrender your plan and everything you think you know to Spirit and ask to be lead in each and every moment. Ask to be shown a loving perspective and given clear directions for inspired action.

Step 5: Be willing to play your small part in God’s Grand Plan for the healing of our planet and the awakening of every heart and mind. Ask for guidance, listen, follow and take inspired LOVE action only. Now I need to be clear taking inspired LOVE action doesn’t always look or sound kind. We need to let our inner teacher of LOVE give us the words and the way we are meant to communicate the message. We communicate only the message that we are meant to extend. Trust your intuition.

Step 6: Surround yourself with LOVE and create an environment that fosters more light. I am constantly listening to high vibration music and it expands my heart and mind in LOVE alignment. I have a regular soul care practice and follow Spirit in every moment of my day.

Would like more support as you strengthen in your LOVE alignment?

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There is a huge call for LOVE please make a conscious choice for LOVE in every moment you remember.

Ask your heart “What would LOVE say or do right now?”

Remember never ever underestimate the power of a choice for LOVE.

Choose LOVE now.

LOVE deeply NOW.

Love and heart hugs,


p.s. I love you xo


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