What To Do When Others Don’t Like Your Decision To Follow Your Heart

By July 28, 2016article

Following our heart sounds simple but it is not always easy. Especially when other people don’t agree with our decision or the choices we make.  So how do we deal with other peoples upsets or opinions about how we run our life? Should we compromise? Should we people please? Or should we stand our ground and follow our heart even when others disagree?

I recently had an encounter with a friend who was unhappy with a decision I made. At first she pretended to be okay with it. Encouraging me to do what is best for my family. As I tuned into my heart it was a crystal clear YES, so I followed.

A few weeks after the decision was made I ran into her and she gave me the cold shoulder. I was surprised by her response and later that night I wanted to send her an email but I was guided to pause and wait for my heart to lead me to take inspired action. A few days later I received a text from her explaining how the decision I made affected her and that she didn’t feel comfortable being friends with me anymore. I felt hurt and confused. I was just following my heart. Why can’t she see that?

I took a day or two to process my emotions and to check in once again with my heart, and I still received the same clear heart YES around my decision. I practiced forgiveness again and brought compassion and empathy into my heart. My text response was simple and loving “Thank you for being honest with me about how you feel. In this moment I have only love in my heart for you and your family.”

Her immediate response was “Say what you need to say to be at peace. Having love in your heart doesn’t make you a good person Sue.” OUCH! At first it hurt then I got angry and a whole array of emotions followed. I dropped into my heart and asked to be shown the lesson.

I know everything on our path is for our deepest healing and greatest awakening. So I asked my inner guide, Spirit what is all this for?

I know everything that happens in our life has a purpose. If it is on our path it is for our healing. If we have an upset or trigger it is pointing to something within us that needs to be healed. I was wide open to another perspective. I was wide open to see and heal my own fears and wound.

I repeated the words “I am totally willing to be wrong” which humbly opens my mind up to any perspective. Suddenly I heard the words “She is right you are not a good person.”

On a deeper level my ego was still convincing me I was not good enough, kind enough, compassionate enough etc. On some level I was still “trying” to show the world I was a good person but the truth is there is a dark side to me. I have an inner b*tch and I have the potential to be a bully just like anyone else. I saw how I was denying my dark side and trying to prove to others that I was nice, kind and good. This is what I refer to as an “ego highjack” in my book. It is fear disguised as love.

So I sent gratitude to her (energetically not by text) for showing me this dark corner within where I was still trying to prove to the world I am worthy of love and I for-gave everything and everyone involved. I haven’t responded because it feels like she closed the door tight and there is nothing I can say right now that would be received with the same energy it was sent. So I wait for inspired action and continue to practice forgiveness as needed.

The process of forgiveness is a powerful tool for heartwork. It is about for-giving what is causing our upset or what is no longer serving. For-giving it over to Spirit to hold as he guides us in how to let go, heal and return to peace.

Will I continue to make a conscious choice for love? Absolutely. There is enough darkness in the world today and I will always make a conscious choice for love because I know when love meets fear, love expands.

Do I regret the decision I made? Absolutely not because I know I was following my heart’s guidance. I have become uncompromising when it comes to following my heart.

I follow my heart no matter what. Even when others disagree. Even when it doesn’t make sense to others and I trust my guidance even when it doesn’t make sense in my own mind.

I trust my heart to lead me and I know that the guidance that comes in is for everyone’s highest good including me. I always trust it is playing out purposefully for my healing and the healing of everyone involved.

So what do you do when others don’t agree with your heart led decision?

  • For-give
  • Be wide open to the lesson or healing that is being called forth
  • Make a conscious choose for love
  • Follow your heart no matter what
  • Trust it is for everyone’s highest good including you

with love and heart hugs,



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  • Charmaine Gagnon says:

    Oh, Sue!
    This is absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    So many beautiful lessons!
    Sending you love and light and Angel Hugs!

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